We discuss the project with our client. We make sure we understand who the target audience is, what the site should accomplish, what kind of technology the site should use, etc.

Fixed-Price Fee for Websites (non-mobile)

We prepare a written proposal that explains in detail what we will do, how much it will cost, what we will require from the client and other fees for which the client will be responsible (such fees include, but are not limited to, domain-name registration fees, Internet Service Provider fees, search engine submission fees, merchant account fees, special graphic/photo permission fees, etc.). Works begins once the client returns a signed proposal.

Our web design rates are very competitive. Most small business and small personal sites (7 pages or less) can be published at a minimum cost of $1,200.00. Obviously, the larger or more complex the site, the higher the fee will be. We submit a fixed fee proposal for the design, hosting and marketing (initial submission to the major search engines) of the entire site.


Once published, web site maintenance is optionally available. Site maintenance is billed at $45.00/hr. for recurring text changes/layout — with minimum billing of one-hour ($45.00). Graphics changes are priced per page according to complexity. Such maintenance sometimes requires third-party fees (such as purchasing new images). As necessary, any and all third-party fees are fully assumed by the client. Maintenance fees are based on frequency, editing involved and any major layout or design changes.