Mobile Web Design

* Over 50% of North Americans are going to have a smartphone.

* Estimated ONE Billion Mobile Internet Users by the End of 2011

* 400% Growth in Mobile Searches over 2010



Your Existing customers are mobile

37% of your current clients are already mobile. Going mobile is not just the future, it is the now.

Get New Customers by going Mobile

Mobile internet websites cause a 13% jump in website audience. Increase the opportunity for more users to visit your website.

Take Your Brand & Idea Everywhere

Taking your website mobile means that now your clients and potential clients now can access your information anywhere anytime.


As Mobile phones gain popularity and become mainstream, it has become crucial for businesses to have effective Mobile presence.  A mobile-friendly site can help your business connect with customers and drive conversions. Just because you can see your desktop site on a mobile phone doesn’t mean it’s mobile-friendly. Mobile sites are designed for the small screen, with the needs of mobile users in mind.


Porta­bil­ity and Acces­si­bil­ity

Com­pared to a desk­top or a lap­top, mobile phones can be taken any­where peo­ple go at any time of the day or night. In fact, most peo­ple keep their cell phones within reach at all times. Not only that, but peo­ple are using them more than ever to surf the web. If you want to get noticed eas­ily and main­tain the proper mobile pres­ence, a mobile web­site is the per­fect place to start.

Mobile Search

Most smart phones today are equipped with appli­ca­tions that assist in con­ve­nient online search resources such as Google and Yahoo! Your busi­ness can eas­ily be found when peo­ple search for prod­ucts or ser­vices such as yours from their mobile devices. How­ever, that vis­i­bil­ity is use­less if they click to get to your web­site and can’t find the infor­ma­tion they need because your web­site won’t dis­play prop­erly on their phone. Smart phones are driving a large amount of web traffic, with the numbers growing as more customers becoming Mobile oriented. About 40% of online searches are generated from mobile phones, meaning that people are browsing from their phones before making their buying decision.


Cre­at­ing a mobile ver­sion of your web­site is the per­fect way to help your local cus­tomers find you. Mobile web­sites have to be smaller than tra­di­tional web­sites, which means you have to limit the amount of con­tent you put on them. So it’s impor­tant to only put the infor­ma­tion your vis­i­tors need while vis­it­ing your web­site from their mobile devices. Most peo­ple on the go are look­ing for your phone num­ber, direc­tions to your estab­lish­ment, or your ser­vices list. So make sure these things are read­ily avail­able and eas­ily acces­si­ble on your mobile website.

Mobile web­sites can dras­ti­cally increase the num­ber of poten­tial cus­tomers who are exposed to your busi­ness with­out spend­ing a lot of extra money on advertising.